Easy ways to stay committed to health and wellness in 2021

For a lot of people, heading into a new year often means a renewed commitment to health and wellness. And while it can sometimes be challenging to stay disciplined, there are some easy ways to keep yourself on track.

Take for example proper hydration, which promotes healthy heart, brain and muscle function. Drinking plenty of water can also help curb your appetite during the day.

“We should all drink lots of water for better overall health,” said Taylor Bruner, supervisor of health promotion and wellness at Moda Health. “And if you don’t want to drink cold water in cold weather, just heat it up and maybe add some lemon.”

It’s also important to get outside for exercise and natural light, especially during the winter.

“In the wintertime, it can be hard to take advantage of daylight hours,” Bruner said. “Daylight exposure helps our bodies create vitamin D, which is an important precursor to many hormones that we need for sleep and a good metabolism.”

Use break times throughout the day to get outside for walks or jogs. You can also log some steps during phone meetings. And if you can’t get outside during the day, don’t be afraid to head out when the sun goes down. Just do it safely by wearing reflective clothing, bringing a flashlight, a mask and pairing up with a friend or family member for safety.

“And if you don’t want to go outside, you can exercise inside,” said Bruner. “All you need is space and your body weight.”

Bruner said apps like Nike Run Club and iFit can help you stay motivated and exercise inside or outside. Insurance companies also regularly offer fitness incentives. For example, Moda Health provides Fitbits to members at a discount along with support to stay healthy while you’re stuck at home.

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