Focusing on mental wellness can make for a Happy New Year

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to get going on those New Year’s resolutions, right?

Not necessarily.

While resolving to improve your health and lifestyle in the new year can indeed be helpful, it’s even more important to get yourself in the right mental mindset so you can make positive changes that will last.

“Making a grand resolution doesn’t always set someone up for success,” said Taylor Bruner, supervisor of health promotion and wellness at Moda Health. “What we do recommend is that you focus first on incremental, achievable goals. It’s your mental wellness that will support overall health throughout the year.”

Bruner said the way we think about ourselves plays a vital role in our ability to make beneficial lifestyle changes.

“Mental wellness is incredibly important,” she said. “It helps us to feel better in our bodies, helps us feel better about who we are, and it sets us up for success.”

Focusing on mental wellness doesn’t have to be a big challenge, either.

Bruner suggests starting by focusing on a few simple steps. The first? Practice gratitude.

“It’s something you can do every day, just thinking about what you’re grateful for and who you’re grateful for in your life,” she said. “It gets you in the mindset of thinking positively, and thinking positively can help you make positive change.”

Getting outside is also good for peace of mind. It’s grounding and energizing. Bruner also said it’s helpful to find a buddy or partner to work with you on your goals.

Lastly, check in with your employer and health insurance providers to see what resources they might offer.

“A lot of companies, like us here at Moda, offer health coaching, employee wellness programs, tobacco cessation programs — all sorts of support and tools to help people get to those health goals they want to reach,” Bruner said. “Keep it simple. Keep active. But also focus on what’s inside.” 

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