Pick your health insurance by Jan. 15 to get covered in 2022

It’s the final stretch for open enrollment, which means if you haven’t yet picked an insurance plan through the federal health insurance marketplace, now’s the time.

“The federal government has extended the open enrollment period for individuals and families to pick health insurance plans through January 15,” said Margaret Thornburg, Vice President of Customer Service for Moda. “There is still a little time to pick a plan, and if you sign up by January 15, your coverage will be effective on February 1.”

Individuals and families can search for insurance plans on the government’s healthcare.gov website. Thornburg said people should spend some time reviewing their health care needs before they pick a plan.

“It’s really important to think about, ‘How do I use health care today and what will I need for 2022?’” she said.

When choosing, make sure the providers you use are covered by the plan. That includes doctors, hospitals, specialists and your pharmacy of choice. In addition, if you are planning to travel outside of Oregon, make sure the plan you choose has coverage outside of the in-state network.

Two other important considerations when choosing a health insurance plan: dental and vision coverage. Both are key to overall health, but both require additional coverage than what’s offered through health insurance plans. 

“Those are separate coverage and very important for your overall health, so be sure to add them on,” Thornburg said.

Learn more about Moda’s plans and others at healthcare.gov or go to Moda’s site, modahealth.com/shop.

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