Picking a health insurance plan for 2022? Don’t forget the pharmacy benefits.

Looking for health insurance for 2022 through the federal health insurance Marketplace? Don’t forget a key component of any good plan: pharmacy benefits.

“Many people don’t think about pharmacy benefits when they choose an insurance plan,” said Carly Rodriguez, vice president and chief pharmacy officer at Moda. “It’s especially important for people who take medications because it can impact access, convenience or even how much you pay out-of-pocket.” 

The open enrollment period for choosing a plan runs until Jan. 15, though anyone who wants to have benefits kick in Jan. 1 needs to pick a plan by Dec. 15.

When researching insurance, Rodriguez said it’s important to make sure the plan you choose covers the medications you take since not all plans cover all drugs. Similarly, not all plans include every pharmacy, so if you have a pharmacy you prefer, make sure it’s included in your plan. 

Some plans also offer mail-order pharmacy benefits that can save people time and copays. Plans through Moda, for example, allow people to order 90-day supplies of most prescriptions delivered through the mail. Additionally, many plans cover vaccines for the flu, shingles and other viruses. 

To find out what drugs and pharmacies are covered in a plan, research insurers’ websites or go to www.healthcare.gov.

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