Simple Ways to Manage Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or tired lately, you are not alone. Living during a global pandemic and political uncertainty can leave you feeling on edge and exhausted. 

Here are some easy steps people can take to manage anxiety.

“First of all, our mind and our body are really one system, so it’s really important to tend to the basics. Eat well, get enough sleep and above all exercise,” said Dan Thoma, Moda Health senior manager of behavioral health. “Taking a nap can be healthy, but keep it to 20 minutes. Sleeping too long during the day can be detrimental and disrupt sleep patterns.”

Thoma also notes that exercising is not only good for physical health, but it has a huge impact on helping alleviate anxiety and depression.  And exercising outside can also be very beneficial because it gets you out of your house.

One of the greatest risk factors for depression is social isolation. Many people have been connecting via Facetime or Zoom, and while it’s not as good as being in person, it helps to “see” others as well as talk to them. You can also connect in some old ways. Something as simple as writing a card or a letter and mailing it can help ease the feeling of loneliness for you and for your loved ones.

However, if you’re still feeling depressed, anxious or just don’t know what to do, seek out professional help.

“One of the encouraging things we have discovered during this pandemic are the benefits of telemedicine for mental health and substance abuse in particular,” said Thoma. “You can seek services from the comfort of your own home using online portals.”

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