What you need to know about choosing a Medicare plan for 2020

The Medicare open enrollment season is upon us, which means it’s time for Oregonians to choose their Medicare plans for the coming year.

But don’t expect to find an exact repeat of past open enrollment periods.

Margaret Thornburg, vice president of customer service for Moda Health, said some notable changes should help improve Medicare for 2020.

“Medicare has revamped their website and made it much easier for members to review and compare plans,” she said. “They’ve gotten more graphics and they also have a chat feature. A lot of plans have also added extra benefits, things like transportation and dental care.”

Folks looking for Medicare should also take some basics into consideration, including costs and how travel might impact coverage.

“Pick a plan that fits your current needs and lifestyle,” said Dr. Jim Rickards, Moda’s senior medical director. “Check to see that your doctor and prescriptions are covered by the plan you choose, but also if it covers dental, vision and hearing. And if you have travel plans in the coming year, make sure you’ll have coverage wherever you’re going.”

Open enrollment ends Dec. 7, 2019. 

For more assistance in selecting a plan, visit or call the following:

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