Your pharmacists can do more than fill your prescription

There’s a lot more that pharmacists can do to help you stay healthy and well

Everyone knows that pharmacists fill prescriptions. 

But did you know there’s a lot more that pharmacists can do to help you stay healthy and well?

From giving vaccines and dispensing advice to helping dispose of expired prescriptions, pharmacists have a lot offer.

“Pharmacists can do a lot for people, from filling prescriptions to giving vaccines,” said Carly Rodriguez, Pharmacy Director for Moda Health. “And it’s not just flu shots that pharmacists can give. They can also give shots that will help prevent shingles, pneumonia and other illnesses.”

In addition, pharmacists are able to give travel vaccines, an important consideration as the spring break travel season approaches.

Speaking of travel, Rodriguez said it’s important for people to make sure they have enough of their medications to last the duration of any spring break trips they’ll be taking. It’s key to have prescriptions filled in advance of travel, and it’s also important to keep medications in carry-on bags in case checked luggage gets lost or delayed.

“People don’t often have their prescriptions at the top of their travel to-do lists,” Rodriguez said, “but it is really something to pay attention to so that you’ll have a healthy and worry-free vacation.” You should also keep a list of your medications on your phone just in case you need to get more on the road or need to visit a doctor. Check with your insurance provider to get an up-to-date list that includes medical and dental medications.

And when your prescription expires and you have medication left over? Don’t just toss it in the trash. Consult with your pharmacist on the best way to dispose of old medications in a safe way. You can also check here for a list of locations that will take back expired medications.

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